Big Quack Recrods logo Search for our artists on Apple Music Wild Dream It's a wild ride through the color-saturated dreams of singer-songwriter Peggy Wendel. The music swings and sambas through nights full of stars, lives full of love, and markets full of vegetables. Swingnuts Jazz' first CD "Wild Dream" features 12 original jazz tunes written by Peggy, who also created the cover art. Original and Classic Jazz with Natural Repercussions The 'Nuts play upbeat original and classic jazz, high-spirited swing, and Brazilian rhythms. Singer/songwriter/bandleader Peggy Wendel loves singing and cheap theatrics, and is saving up for some really expensive ones. Her jazz stories explore the nuances of life, love, driving, farmer's markets, bees, global economics, airport security ... The lineup on the CD: Peggy Wendel, vocals, percussion Andy Carr, keyboards, vocals Mark Dodge, bass, vocals Philip Nakano, percussion, sax, flute, vocals Pete Smith, guitar The regular live lineup: Peggy Wendel, vocals, percussion Andy Carr, keyboards, vocals Mark Dodge, bass, vocals Jack Stafford, sax & flute Grant Wilson, drums On occasion, we're pleased to welcome some of the 
top musicians in Western Washington, including: Brad Spangler, drums Jim Bergquist, keyboards Arthur Knapp, guitar Elena DeLisle, guitar Bennie Rawson, trumpet John Anderson, sax Brian Steiner, percussion Matt Sircely, mandolin Terry Nelson, keyboards No matter what the lineup, great tunes are always the common denominator. And moderately-priced theatrics. The band is available as a four- five-, or 6-piece, for listening or dancing. Contact Peggy Wendel 360-474-7321 or 817-932-0295 The Music In jazz, improvisation is the most honored tradition. In each song, every time it is performed, the interpretations of talented musicians keep even the most vintage jazz tunes forever in style. Extremely Partial Songlist Rhythm (Peggy Wendel 2014) Walk Along the Water (Peggy Wendel 2011) TSA (Peggy Wendel 2011) Free to Be(Peggy Wendel 2012) Farmers Market (Peggy Wendel 2011) Idaho Nights (Peggy Wendel 2010) Bees in my Bed (Peggy Wendel 2014) Dip (Peggy Wendel 2014) Salmon Dream (Peggy Wendel 2013) My Hat (Peggy Wendel 2011) Steve (Peggy Wendel 2013) Turn Out the Light (Peggy Wendel 2011) Distracted Drivers (Peggy Wendel 2016) Fog (Peggy Wendel 2017) Tell the Truth (Peggy Wendel 2018) O Pato (Teixiera-Hendricks 1964) Wave (Jobim 1967) That's a Plenty (Pollack-GIlbert 1914) Joy Spring (Brown 1954) My Attorney Bernie (Frishberg 1982) Dream a Little Dream (Schwandt-Andree-Kahn 1931) Nature Boy (Ahbez 1947) Comes Love (Brown, Stept, Tobias 1939) Watch What Happens (Gimbel-Legrand 1964) Bye Bye Blues (Hamm et. al. 1925) I Thought About You (VanHeusen-Mercer 1939) I'm Beginning to See The Light (Duke Ellington, et. al. 1954) Hernando's Hideaway (Adler-Ross 1954) Corcovado (Lees-Jobim 1962) Bye Bye Blackbird (Dixon-Henderson 1926) Manha de Carnaval (Black Orpheus Theme) (Bonfa-Sigmand) If I Were a Bell (Loesser 1950) Dance Me to the End of Love (Leonard Cohen) Song for my Father (Horace Silver) Darkness on the Delta (Neiberg, Livingston, Simes 1932) The Girl from Ipanema (Jobim-Moraes) Desafinado (Jobim, Cavanaugh 1959) Take the "A" Train (Ellington/Strayhorn) How High the Moon (Hamilton-Lewis 1940) Peggy Wendel, vocalist and songwriter, calls upon her vaudeville past as she sings each song’s story. Her vocal stylings invoke a bygone era. In the 1970s, she sang, tap-danced and performed dangerous feats of legerdemain in a vaudeville troupe. Now she performs her favorite songs; her choices are happy, hip, romantic, wild and fun. Her original compositions are upbeat and whimsical while maintaining a classic jazz sensibility. Contact Peggy Wendel ~ 817.932.0295 ~ Stanwood, WA ~

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