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The original songs of Steve Harris are contagious. Heartfelt lyrics and memorable melodies you'll be singing in your head for days. Steve's fluid acoustic guitar style has been influenced and blended by years of playing professionally in a variety of acoustic folk, bluegrass and Celtic bands. He is a prolific songwriter, the type of person who responds to challenges and opportunities by sitting down and writing songs about them. Some choose to blog, others write songs. And Steve has gotten very good at it.
Northwestern Sky Steve collaborated with Mark Dodge to bring his solo acoustic songs into full bloom. Mark plays guitar, bass, drums, organ, and tenor ukulele on this record, and contributed arrangements and musical themes, ranging from the delicate acoustic tones of "Tom" to the dense layers of the title track, "Northwestern Sky." Several songs also feature the saxophone virtuosity of Big Quack Records' artist Tim Miller, as well as the pure sweet harmony vocals of the South End String Band's Wende Hilyard. The result is an eclectic record that combines Steve's acoustic sensibilities with Mark's rock tendencies; great songs you'll be singing in your head for days. Steve Harris - acoustic guitars, lead vocals Tim Miller - tenor and soprano sax Wende Hilyard - backing vocals Mark Dodge - bass, drums, tenor ukulele, electric guitars, organ, backing vocals Dedications: To all the friends and family who provided such patience, understanding, and support through my personal challenges, and having faith in me. Yes, things are moving forward once again “…there’s always something positive to look for, no matter how dark and stormy things might seem”. This CD represents the music that I’m blessed in creating with an amazing group of friends/musicians. With you, this music couldn’t have evolved to this point – Thank you Mark Dodge, Wende Hilyard, and Thomas Kemper – you guys are wonderful. And special thanks to Casa Verde Studios (Where the beer is always cold, the Jaeger on ice, and the music ever flowing) – PD and TK of Audio Vortex…your facilities and support are awesome…this project couldn’t have happened without you. And as always, many thanks to all of you out there who come out and hear us and spend some ‘Island Time.’ - Steve I dedicate my contributions to this record in the memory of my mother, who died in 2006. She put the music in me while I was still in the single-digit age group. Thanks, Regina. I further dedicate this record to my wife Vicki, who is the main reason I am still able to make music today. - Mark Northwesten Sky Song List 1. I Still am Moved by You (Harris, Dodge) "I hear she’s married to a politician now ... This song is for the memories that we all have of past relationships and have since ‘moved’ on." With Tim on soprano sax, and Wende & Mark on backing vocals. 2. Holdin' My Own (Harris, Dodge) "My art & music are my island and refuge from the continual storms of the disability I now live with." With Mark on tenor ukulele. 3. And the Road Takes us All (Harris, Dodge) "I contacted an old friend in preparation for some close friends’ 25th anniversary and ‘Your name was dropped in conversation’ … this song easily followed." With Mark on Lips. 4. Here by My Side (Harris, Dodge) "A point in time where lyric and music painted a clear picture ... Thanks for the Sax, Tim!" 5. Something Tropical (Harris, Dodge) "Up here, too much rain does get to where it hurts the brain. A song that speaks of umbrella drinks and the Mexican coastline." With Wende and Mark on backing vocals. 6. Only4U (Harris, Dodge) "I'm usually myself for everyone I meet and interact with - I'm a very honest and real person. The woman I love sees an even deeper side, that at the time I wrote this song I didn't think she realized." With Tim on soprano sax. 7. Lessons of the Heart (Harris, Dodge) "My own plea for a troubled relationship; we had to let go." With Wende and Mark on backing vocals. 8. I Like the View (Harris, Vensas, Dodge) "I’m not giving up this chair, man!" 9. No Old Days (Harris, Vensas, Dodge) "A song of questioning with a touch of blues." 10. Northwestern Sky (Harris, Dodge) "Although I met some great people and played some good music in Texas, I only lasted 3 years there before the Northwest called me home. This song is about what I encountered, alone on the road, during one day’s drive between San Antonio and Zapata and back." 11. Tom (Harris, Vensas, Dodge) "Seemingly at the blink of an eye, almost anyone can become homeless through disability, mental illness, or financial disaster. This can happen to anyone; it is a very real possibility for all." With Mark on lips. 12. Catchin' All My Time (Harris, Dodge) "For all the Eagles, Hawks, and Swallows … and the time I’m lucky enough to see them dance on the wind. My cup of coffee always goes cold." With Wende and Mark on backing vocals. Lyrics
Here On Island Time Steve's second CD features a full band, and conjures images of breathtaking island sunsets, calm water, bald eagles chasing the wind, ever-changing colors and sounds …a special, magical place where neighbors ring out ship bells to let everyone know that "thar' be whales." Here on Island Time is a collection of tunes recorded 'live' in the studio to capture the sound and energy of the live performances that we love to share. "Here On Island Time features the musical complexities of the original Fleetwood Mac, combined with the folksy storytelling of Willie Nelson and Joni Mitchell, all done with lyrics kindred to the heart and humor of Randy Newman ... a seamless combination of acoustic guitar riffs and staggering adagio harmonizing." ~ Bridget Budbill, The Stanwood-Camano News "It makes you want to travel their way and be able to experience the world from their point of view, maybe jam throughout the night on songs unknown. Another example of the great music the Pacific Northwest has to offer." ~ John Book, Music For America "Here on Island Time is a glass of great wine, along with a Camano Island sunset, reincarnated as a CD." - Jerry Finn, CD Baby review Steve Harris - acoustic guitars, lead vocals Mark Dodge - ukulele, guitars, marimba, keys, vocals Thomas Kemper - drums, recording Patrick Donicht - bass guitar, recording, mastering Wende Hilyard - vocals, percussion Here On Island Time Song List 1. The Traveler – 2006 (Harris) 3:37. A song of acceptance, transition, and looking forward down the road. 2. Winds of Changes – 2006 (Harris, Dodge) 3:24. I always find it interesting when change is upon me, I can feel and hear it in the wind before it occurs. And even though change whirls with emotion – somehow realization and growth comes out the other side. 3. Undercovers – 2002 (Harris, Dodge) 5:44. There’s always the question – Should I get up out of bed and embrace the day, or just pull the covers up “…and let the sleep back in my eyes?” I always get up – as there are too many things I wouldn’t experience – surprises in the day are good. 4. Between the Middle and the End – 2001 (Harris, Vensas, Dodge) 4:14. A tale that comprises changing images and emotions between two people. Wende does a wonderful job on lead vocals.. 5. Here on Island Time – 2006 (Harris, Vensas, Dodge) 4:14. My guitar, and a half full glass of red wine that’s reflecting an incredible Camano Island sunset…it doesn’t get much better than this. 6. Passing – 2002 (Harris, Vensas, Dodge) 3:24. A darkened tale of passion. 7. Time Will Tell – 1982 (Harris, Dodge) 2:57. I dusted this one off and handed it to Mark for lead vocals – a love song. 8. Window on my Day – 2000 (Harris) 3:10. My “interpretated direction” of feelings coming undone…emotions that solidified over coffee and a guitar. 9. Bare Naked Waltz – 2002 (Harris, Vensas) 3:24. Conjures up images that can’t help but make you smile. “Waltz ‘em if you got ‘em, folks”…be sure to try this one at home. Think Willie Nelson with Kathy Bates. Or George H.W. Bush with Janet Reno. Or Donald Trump with Rosie O'Donnell. Getting the picture? 10. I’m Not Sleeping – 2002 (Harris, Dodge) 4:25. This song was actually written about a drawing I created called “From An Eagle’s Eye”. I still count the Bald Eagles I see every day as these magnificent birds are very special to me – How many Eagles have you taken the time to see today? 11. Won My Love 1981 (Dodge) 3:11. A wonderful love song written by Mark Dodge for his wife, Vicki. Is love really a loser-less game or a victimless crime? Maybe it depends on who you're playing with. 12. Not There At All – 2006 (Harris, Dodge) 3:56. This heartfelt and reflective song was literally written “…in the quiet time of evening”, after midnight as I was looking north out from Camano Island. 13. Keeping Me Awake – 2006 (Harris, Dodge) 4:56. A special moment in time, unable to sleep…this song jumped out of me. Dance 'em if you got 'em. Lyrics


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