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In Memory of Roger

After moving to Camano Island in 1999, I answered an ad in the Stanwood Advertiser, placed by a band looking for a bass player. They played original rock with melodies, lyrics, dynamics, emotions, and surprises, and had been playing together for years. Some of the lyrics seemed young for a bunch of 40-somethings, but that was because Roger had written some of them in his teens. There weren’t a lot of songs, but a lot of thought—and a lot of years—had been invested in each one. Roger had ideas. His songs don’t sound like anyone’s, but they harken. Some are simple and heartfelt; others are complex with moods and movements. He sang with authority about life and loss. He wrote a song about summer love with his teenage son. He wrote a playful heavy metal song with a dream sequence interlude, a heartbreaking ode to his brother who died young, a love song for his mother. He intuitively conveyed emotion, both lyrically and vocally. His voice came alive in the studio. I am heartbroken to lose a best friend, but happy to have had the opportunity to birth some great recordings with him. Roger's songs may outlive us all. =Mark Dodge
Image of Roger Allen Ludwick - 9/9/1952 - 12/1/2012

Roger Allen Ludwick

9/9/1952 - 12/1/2012

Image of Roger Ludwick
Image of Roger Ludwick
Image of Roger Ludwick


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